GummiWerks is an innovation company bringing better personal care products to the global market.

Our team of business & industry experts works to develop better options to enhance sexual health and satisfaction.

Our main product areas include personal lubricants and condoms.

Our proprietary, Patented, next-gen condom,  luvli ® , is advancing to market through our private company, GummiWerks.

Initial response from men & women identifies  luvli ®  as attractive, user-friendly, & pleasurable: an internal condom for mutual comfort & delight.

GummiWerks’ international experts include:

a luvli ® scientist from the UK, Suren is a condom industry Consultant who served as Global Head of Innovation for the Durex condom and Scholl healthcare brands. Having gained 20 years of R&D experience at the Cambridge Science Park, Suren currently maintains leadership roles in the development of the ISO TC 157 International Condom Standards.

                                                          PAUL WHYTE

a luvli ® scientist from Australia, Paul Whyte is a Chartered Chemist & ISO Standards specialist affectionately known as “Dr. Lube”. Paul, a catalyst for the 1st-ever United Nations Consultation on Personal Lubricants, founded & runs GelWorks personal lubricants in Sydney. An avid sailor, Paul is as bold on the sea as he is in his lab crafting exceptional lubes.

A manufacturing & technology consultant based in Thailand, Brian holds a key position in the  manufacture & marketing of more than 1 billion dipped medical devices annually. Brian’s focus areas include digital tech, factory setup, regulatory compliance, logistics & global export.

Frank Sadlo is a product innovation specialist. His medical device innovation has upgraded international condom Standards & global consumer retail markets. His experience includes: ISO Standards Expert; Invited presenter at the United Nations 20 by 20 conference and the Global Female Condom Conference; Founder & Managing Director: GummiWerks LLC.

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