GummiWerks is an innovation company bringing better personal care products to the global market.

Our team of business & industry experts works to develop better options to enhance sexual health and satisfaction.

Our main product areas include personal lubricants and condoms.

Our proprietary next-gen condom,  luvli® , is advancing to market through our private company, GummiWerks.

Initial response from men & women identifies  luvli®  as attractive, user-friendly, & pleasurable: an internal condom for mutual comfort & delight.

GummiWerks’ international experts include:

a luvli ® scientist from the UK, Suren is a condom industry Consultant who served as Global Head of Innovation for the Durex condom and Scholl healthcare brands. Having gained 20 years of R&D experience at the Cambridge Science Park, Suren currently maintains leadership roles in the development of the ISO TC 157 Int’l. Condom Standards.

a luvli ® scientist from Australia, Paul Whyte is a Chartered Chemist & ISO Standards specialist affectionately known as “Dr. Lube”. Paul, a catalyst for the 1st-ever United Nations Consultation on Personal Lubricants, founded & runs GelWorks personal lubricants in Sydney. An avid sailor, Paul is as bold on the sea as he is in his lab crafting exceptional lubes.

Passionate to advance sexual health, Melissa conducts research with couples in many countries, focused on the psychology of condom users, to increase consistent, successful and pleasurable condom use.  Melissa founded & leads Lucky Bloke, a  purveyor of condoms and lube, centered on condom innovation, quality & proper fit

Brian holds a key position in the  manufacture & marketing of more than 1 billion dipped medical devices annually. Based in Thailand his focus areas include digital tech, factory setup, regulatory compliance, logistics & global export. He has been active in the UN 20 by 20 and the ISO TC 157 Barrier Prophylactics.

Passionate in making better condom options available, Jud is a condom industry pioneer: an innovator who has worked relentlessly to expand retail markets. His exceptional energy and global business experience contribute to advancing sexual health. Jud’s passion extends to protecting the environment & stewardship of natural resources.

Frank Sadlo is a condom industry innovator. His innovation has upgraded international condom Standards & global consumer markets. His experience includes: ISO Standards Expert; Invited presenter to the United Nations 20 by 20 condom conference 2015 & 2018, and to the Global Female Condom Conference;  Founder & Managing Director: GummiWerks LLC.

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