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among our global team of business & industry experts, GummiWerks' Partners include:


a Luvli scientist from the UK,  condom industry consultant Suren Solanki, former global head of innovation for Durex condom and Scholl brands; assists development of the ISO condom Standard


Brian Lai of Thailand, experienced at manufacturing &  global marketing of more than 1 Billion latex medical devices annually; Brian's main areas of expertise include Information Technology (IT), manufacturing systems, logistics, and supply chain management.


Frank Sadlo, condom industry innovator; ISO int'l standards Expert; Invited presenter to the United Nations 20 by 20 Conference 2015 - 2018 & the Global Female Condom Conference; founding member: Private Sector Condom Group of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC: Brussels, Belgium); Founder: GummiWerks



Jud Ireland: international business specialist; pioneer in the condom industry; passionate social impact entrepreneur working to improve global public health, environmental conservation, & women's empowerment; advocate for Women's Day Live 2019 ; Chairman: GummiWerks


Luvli scientist Paul Whyte,  a Chartered Chemist & ISO Standards specialist known as "Dr Lube": Paul, a catalyst for the 1st-ever United Nations Consultation of Personal Lubricants, held in Bangkok in November 2016, founded & runs GelWorks personal lubricants in Sydney, Australia


    the ongoing refinement of our next-gen  Luvli ® condom is featured in the 2018 documentary movie: The Safer Sex:

  •  inspired by the Gates Foundation next-gen condom innovation challenge, 3 years of filming around the world
  •  television broadcast: in Canada @ 10pm on 13 & 14 October  2018 by the CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • movie Trailer (1 1/2 minutes):  click on >> The Safer Sex: Go Bold or Stay Home
  • full movie (44 minutes): (viewing not available in all locations): The Passionate Eye TV series:  click on >>  The Safer Sex
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ouLuvli condoms website:  LuvliCondoms.com

regarding media, investment, or Luvli ® product enthusiasm, please email us at:

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                    luvli condoms Clinical Studies meeting @ MatCH Research, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa - left to right:                              Dr Mags Beksinska - Frank Sadlo - Clive Kohrs - Professor Jenni Smit - Jud Ireland

GummiWerks LLC is a Member of the global leading Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) of Brussels, Belgium

GummiWerks encourages support for the Women Deliver 2019 Conference in Vancouver, Canada June 2019

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